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Considering Communication in Coordinated Perception

Among multi-robot systems, what is the role of communication in perception? Communication is a consequential consideration within coordinated perception. Fundamentally, when we talk about coordinated perception, we are speaking about multiple robots moving through an environment engaging in perception. Consider the example of a 2-robot system with both robots moving through a building. Perhaps earlier […]

Shield AI Fundamentals: On Knowledge Representation

We’ve spoken extensively about intelligence and learning in artificial systems. Can you elaborate on the concept of knowledge? Within the context of artificial intelligence, knowledge represents everything that the robot needs to know in order to be intelligent. In essence, it represents the overarching logical framework — the concepts and the logical relationships — that […]

Shield AI Fundamentals: On Learning Methods

What is the difference between supervised, semi-supervised and unsupervised learning? Within machine learning there are several types of learning methods. There include: supervised learning, semi-supervised learning and unsupervised learning, as well as reinforcement learning.  With supervised learning, you would provide the AI system with example input-to-output pairs of data. From these pairs, the system is […]