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Why Shield AI? Bob Harward’s Perspective

My good friend, former Secretary of Defense and fellow professional warrior General Jim Mattis said, “America’s military has no pre-ordained right to victory on the battlefield.” The assumption that our military will always be dominant because of past successes is dangerous, and blatantly not true. China and Russia are developing increasingly impressive capabilities, and the U.S. and our allies lack credible deterrents […]

Shield AI Establishes International Office UAE Under Leadership Bob Harward

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SAN DIEGO (Jan. 25, 2022) – “Teams of autonomous aircraft that train and learn to execute increasingly complex missions will give our military and allies intelligent, affordable mass. The intersection of AI, autonomy, and aircraft is transformational to the battlefield and national security — and is required to maintain global stability in an increasingly unstable world. One only needs to look at recent headlines around the world to see our relative global stability and peace is under immense threat. Shield AI has marshalled the talent, resources, and resolve […]