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Tips for Effectively Running Remote Meetings

At Shield AI, we strongly believe that effective communication is a cornerstone of success. This includes running effective and efficient meetings. Since transitioning to remote work, we have found that running remote meetings require a slightly different skillset than traditional in-person meetings, but that when conducted properly, remote meetings can be extremely efficient.  In order […]

Best Practices for Working Remotely

Given recent developments related to COVID-19, the majority of Shield AI’s workforce — like many around the country — is temporarily working remotely. To support our team’s transition to this new work style, we shared a few of the following remote work best practices with our teammates this week.  While this list is not exhaustive, […]

Building a Culture-Focused Team

What is “company culture”? And what makes it “good”? The first step to talking about company culture is to define it.  Company culture is the behaviors, beliefs, interactions and attitudes that determine how work gets done at a company. A number of factors drive a positive company culture; the most important being that it’s authentic. […]