Series A

Today, we are pleased to announce a $10.5M Series A investment by Andreessen Horowitz. We are humbled to have their support. This investment allows us to accelerate the development and deployment of artificially intelligent products that will save lives. 

Our mission is to protect service members and innocent civilians with artificially intelligent systems.  We serve this mission for the people who put themselves in harm's way to help others; and the innocent people, who find themselves tragically impacted by the dire circumstances of conflict.  We believe that the speed and accuracy of both information collection and analysis afforded by artificially intelligent systems to be the single most powerful force for protecting these people, and advancing security and stability in the world.

Shield AI was founded to address the challenges faced by Brandon, his friends, and colleagues during combat experiences. He witnessed tragic events when information was unavailable, unintelligible, or too dangerous to collect. When Brandon shared his stories of loss, and inspiring vision of artificially intelligent machines that would save lives, Andrew and I left our jobs to join Brandon and co-found Shield AI. 

Accomplishing this mission will not be easy. Worthwhile endeavors never are. We’ve got an incredible team of world-class engineers that work relentlessly to support the community we serve and a great group of investors that believe in our team and mission. We have a long way to go and a lot to prove, but our experiences over the last 18 months have left me optimistic that we are on a trajectory to build an incredible capability that will protect millions of people.

- Ryan