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Our Mission

Shield AI's mission is to protect service members and civilians with artificially intelligent systems. Together, we work to break technological ground and pushing boundaries at the intersection of AI & autonomy in service to protecting lives.


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Motivate. Innovate. Collaborate.

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At Shield AI we invest in the creative team we’re building. We believe in hiring people ambitious in their ideas and expert in their field. And we want to push, challenge, and inspire each other to reach unprecedented heights together.

Solve What Matters

We believe technology should and can solve big, world-vexing problems. We tackle some of technology’s greatest challenges to develop solutions which create a difference in people’s lives.

What We Do

Embrace the Audacious

At Shield AI, no idea is too ambitious. We’ve built a business out of making the idea “this should exist, so let’s build it” a reality, and we don’t ever want to stop working to make possible what looks out of reach today.

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Shape What’s Next Together

We believe in shaping the future of artificially intelligent systems and have assembled a world-class team dedicated to just that. Our team leads the way in pushing the boundaries of not just this but the next generation’s AI.

Meet Our Team

Kind, Capable & Driven

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We are committed to assembling the most exceptional people to join our team. People who are not only capable and driven but also kind, collaborative, and generous. A team that unites around a single purpose: our mission. Together, our team strives for excellence. We push, challenge, and inspire each other to reach unprecedented heights. We look out for each other, work hard, and succeed together.


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The work accomplished at Shield AI is rooted in our mission. Our values and our focus on trust guide and influence all our decisions from business to product, based upon our strongly held belief that successfully accomplishing our mission requires an organization built on a foundation of trust, mutual respect and teamwork.

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