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Work at Shield AI, Build Autonomy for Jets… and Maybe Even Fly in One! 

Working at the intersection of cutting-edge AI, autonomy, and robotics in a fast-paced, rapidly growing tech company is an engineer’s dream come true. Solving the most challenging engineering problems on a mission that matters, there are only a handful of companies in the world that offer such a rare combination. Tesla and SpaceX come to […]

AI Engineering and the Ethics of War

Jim Carlson is Shield AI’s General Counsel. Previously he was a software engineer, product manager, entrepreneur, and Marine Corps attack helicopter pilot having completed 100+ combat flights. He holds a JD, MBA, and BA from Stanford University.   My eight-year-old daughter’s favorite movie is Top Gun 2: Maverick. I’m not sure if her love for the […]

8th Birthday Message

To the Shield AI Team:  Happy 8th Birthday Shield AI! This is for our teammates, customer champions, and investors.  When I was trying to figure out what I wanted to pursue after the Navy, I remember Elon Musk saying, “I always wanted to be involved with something that could have a positive effect on the […]

It’s All Systems Go at Shield AI’s Texas Unified Facility

Historically speaking, the terms “aesthetic” and “production facility” are just about as asynchronous as you can get. Any mention of the manufacturing sector typically evokes gloomy images of billowing smog and the deafening roar of machinery — not exactly conducive to the type of collaborative initiatives necessitated by the evolving demands of the modern market. […]

A Quarter-Million Hours & Counting: Shield AI’s Seasoned Flight Operations Professionals

Shield AI aircraft operator Toby Stewart waits for a V-BAT to return to USS Arleigh Burke’s (DDG 51) flight deck while underway in the Irish Sea.   From training, production flight testing, and demonstrations to deployed operations and engineering flight testing, Shield AI’s Flight Operations Team does it all. We recently sat down with three flight […]

Mission First, People Always

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During my more-than-20-year career as human resources leader, I have learned that a meaningful, impactful mission is one of the greatest offerings an organization can make to their prospective and current employees. I think of it as “purpose over perks,” and Shield AI offers more purpose to its workforce than any other company I’ve encountered.    […]

Andrew Berlin Joins Shield AI as Managing Director

As many of you know, scaling teams and enterprises to new heights and disrupting the status quo have always been major goals of mine.    My first big opportunity to meet these ambitious objectives took place in 1988, when I left a career as a lawyer for a large, international law firm to forge a new […]

On Hard Work & Grit

Shield AI was founded to advance the mission of protecting service members and civilians with artificially intelligent systems – and do so at great scale.  To do this, we would gather the best of the technology and security community in one place. This group would then advance new technologies, entering the extremely challenging National Security […]