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Meet Our Leaders: A Conversation with Andrew Reiter

You started your education in chemical engineering. Why did you ultimately pursue a career in AI & robotics? I had been interested in robotics from a young age, but as I went into college I had a strong interest in chemistry and engineering so I chose to study chemical engineering. As a junior in college, […]

Meet Our Leaders: A Conversation with Brandon Tseng

What is more important, the journey or the outcome? What matters on every journey isn’t necessarily the outcome, it is the path, the learning, and the growth. No matter the outcome, I believe that 2 things make a journey great: The adversity faced along the way. The more daunting the trials, the better, more interesting, […]

Meet Our Leaders: A Conversation with Nathan Michael

How did research concerning multi-agent and multi-robot collaboration become one of the central thrusts of your academic career? I began working with multi-robot collaboration and coordination through my Ph.D. effort. Working with an advisor, I focused my work on teams of robots and how we think about designing feedback control strategies to drive a team […]

Why Shield AI: Values that Motivate

When I first interviewed at Shield AI, I sensed an energy rooted in a passion for the mission from everyone I met. To this day, I feel that same excitement and sense of focused purpose daily. I come to work excited to continue learning, to develop even stronger friendships, and to make a real difference. […]

Why Shield AI: Passionate Teammates

In the small hours of  a recent Monday morning, I found myself up at 13000 ft, trudging through a snow chute on the way to Mt. Whitney with two colleagues and absolutely zero mountaineering experience.  As I labored clumsily through the snow with my crampons and ice ax, I wondered just for a moment why […]

Meet Our Leaders: A Conversation with Ryan Tseng

What motivated you to start Shield AI? I joined my brother Brandon and co-founder Andrew to create Shield AI because Brandon inspired me, through his own example, to think about how I could make a meaningful contribution to protecting service members and innocent civilians. Andrew inspired me to believe that the necessary technologies were within […]

Why Shield AI: My Job Makes Me Smarter

Startups aren’t sexy, but stories about start-ups are. It’s why we see headlines like “this guy turned 8 lines of code into $1 billion.” Condensing a decade’s journey into a single narrative creates a clarity that never was — and never will be. The truth is that startups are grueling adventures. Adventures which involve physical […]

Why Shield AI: State-of-the-Art Innovation

As I finished my Masters in Robotics at CMU a year ago, I faced a big decision: What would I do next? The traditional route would be to join a research group and continue the work I started as part of my masters degree. But as I made my way through my search, I found […]

Inside Shield AI: How We Hire The Best

I love my job because I spend all day seeking out and speaking with amazing people and finding them their dream job at Shield AI. We’re looking to build a truly diverse team, both in terms of our teammates’ backgrounds and levels of experience.  We want talented teammates from a broad variety of backgrounds who […]