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AI for Maneuver: Air Dominance

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“AI for Maneuver has the promise to break the paradigm by delivering both quality and quantity: capabilities that don’t just augment human performance, but also scale human performance.”

The Next Era of Aviation – Autonomy and AI Pilots

I will never forget my first conversation with our engineers at Shield AI, where I learned that in three weeks our AI Pilots accumulated the equivalent of 31 years of flight, and then they talked about increasing that ratio by orders of magnitude. People haven’t even begun to wrap their heads around the implications of […]

Why Shield AI? Bob Harward’s Perspective

My good friend, former Secretary of Defense and fellow professional warrior General Jim Mattis said, “America’s military has no pre-ordained right to victory on the battlefield.” The assumption that our military will always be dominant because of past successes is dangerous, and blatantly not true. China and Russia are developing increasingly impressive capabilities, and the U.S. and our allies lack credible deterrents […]

Tesla Shows Us The Risks When Dominant Incumbents Fail To Be Bold

China’s military is Netflix; the U.S. military is Blockbuster. China is Amazon; the U.S. is Barnes & Noble. China is Tesla; the U.S. is General Motors. People thought the automotive industry could not be disrupted and that Ford, GM and Toyota had preordained rights to be the leaders for the next thousand years. Automotive executives […]

America Must Accelerate, Scale, and Innovate to Win Future Wars

Nikki is an employee at Shield AI and an Army veteran who completed two deployments to Afghanistan and a tour of duty in South Korea. Since transition from the military, Nikki has worked in the tech industry, primarily focusing on the commercial and defense sectors. In the blog post below, she shares insights on how […]

AI for Maneuver

We recently had the opportunity to discuss AI for Maneuver with the Secretary of Defense and its role as one of the cornerstones of the DoD’s JADC2 operating concept, along with battle management networks and hypersonics. I wanted to highlight some of the aspects of this discussion from the industry perspective on what AI for […]

The Challenges of Robotic Perception

What are the primary challenges of robotic perception? The perception challenges we experience as humans are the same types of challenges that robots face when trying to perceive the world. There are many examples of this. To begin with, just as people have trouble seeing in the dark, robots may encounter situations in which their […]

Shield AI Fundamentals: On Perception

What does perception refer to in robotic systems? We’re referring to a robot’s ability to sense the environment around it, process the information that’s coming in from its sensors, and use it in order to perceive the environment, figure out where it is and how it’s operating relative to the environment, and leverage that information […]

Considering Communication in Coordinated Perception

Among multi-robot systems, what is the role of communication in perception? Communication is a consequential consideration within coordinated perception. Fundamentally, when we talk about coordinated perception, we are speaking about multiple robots moving through an environment engaging in perception. Consider the example of a 2-robot system with both robots moving through a building. Perhaps earlier […]