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Closing the gap to win the AI marathon

Shield AI co-founder Brandon Tseng shared his viewpoints on AI in the national security sector in this piece published by C4ISRNet. Read the full story here.

2021 Is the Year the Small Drone Arms Race Heats Up

This article from Defense One, featuring commentary from Shield AI’s co-founder and COO Brandon Tseng, discusses the future of role of drones and artificial intelligence technology on the battlefield. Read the full story here.

100 Years of Robots

Shield AI is featured in the Wall Street Journal’s history of robotics video article, documenting the advancements made in artificial intelligence and robotics over the last 100 years. View the full story here.

Police Drones Are Starting to Think for Themselves

New York Times reporter, Cade Metz, writes, “Shield AI, a start-up in San Diego that has worked with police departments, has developed a drone that can fly into a building and inspect the length and breadth of the premises on its own, with no pilot, in the dark as well as in daylight.” Read the […]

How a small AI company found a way to scale its work for DOD

“Despite all the prototype contracts and research grants the Department of Defense feeds to eager startups, that work rarely scales to the type of multimillion-dollar deals the government gives to big prime contractors. It’s a frustrating reality for both sides, particularly as Pentagon officials clamor to infuse emerging technology into defense systems. But there are […]

A Navy SEAL, a Quadcopter, and a Quest to Save Lives in Combat

“On the battlefield, any doorway can be a death trap. A special ops vet, and his businessman brother, have built an AI to solve that problem.” This piece from WIRED magazine, written by the acclaimed reporter, Elliot Ackerman, a former Marine who served five tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, details Shield AI’s founding mission, […]

Textron Systems, Shield AI team up on unmanned project

Textron Systems and Shield AI announced a collaboration effort to integrate Shield AI’s software onto Textron’s unmanned systems, with an early focus on U.S. Army modernization priorities. The initial collaboration will focus on sharing exploration data between small unmanned aerial systems developed by Shield AI and unmanned ground vehicles developed by Textron Systems. Read the full […]