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V-BAT Security & Logistics

Delivering on-demand security and critical resupply capabilities. Whether it’s searching shipping lanes for potential threats, providing wide-area perimeter security of critical infrastructure, or transporting medical supplies to remote destinations, V-BAT can meet the task.

V-BAT Oil & Gas

V-BAT’s design and technological capabilities make it an unmatched Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) for oil & gas activities. Interchangeable payloads and sophisticated sensors enable V-BAT to perform a wide range of roles across multiple applications, including oil and gas exploration, pipeline monitoring and inspection, and gas operations.

V-BAT Fire

V-BAT’s quick assembly (<20 mins), combined with an ability to vertically take-off and land from nearly any location and in close proximity to the fire, is critical in facilitating rapid deployment and improving response time for firefighters. 

Advanced camera payloads allow V-BAT to “see” at nighttime and smoke-obscured daylight periods, which pose highly dangerous environments for firefighters. The information captured and relayed (real-time) to command centers on the ground helps bridge time gaps when manned aircraft are grounded and aerial firefighters are prevented from flying. 


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