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Shield AI leverages decades worth of research and industry-leading talent to develop cutting-edge artificial intelligence software and systems.

Redefining Maneuver with AI that

Turns Assets Into Intelligent Teammates

Imagine your most powerful systems made even more robust through the application of AI. Leveraging our portable AI, your systems become intelligent swarms capable of organizing and maneuvering to achieve optimal effects.

Enables Deployment of Intelligent Swarms

Coordination of intelligent unmanned systems guarantees absolute access — even in contested environments — which will increase uptake of critical information with significantly reduced risk to service members.

Operates on the Edge Without Need for Reachback

Edge-level AI systems provide sustained coverage of large geographies and can reach virtually anywhere. As a result, decision-makers are provided the most accurate and timely information to increase mission effectiveness.

Grants Access to Denied Areas

Advanced and resilient AI software enables unmanned systems to operate autonomously in challenging and complex environments previously unreachable inside buildings, within tunnels and underground.

Elevates Our People

The best AI augments human ability. AI will reduce the noise of large-scale data by computing, processing, analyzing and filtering it on the edge to deliver the intelligence our service members need to make decisions.

Produces Decision Dominance

Leveraging AI capabilities facilitates making better, more informed decisions, faster by collecting, analyzing and processing information into digestible intelligence.


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Great autonomy requires robust scene understanding, mapping, state-estimation, control, and advanced reasoning. Shield AI leverages decades worth of research and industry-leading talent to pursue the cutting edge in each of these fields.

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