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Shield AI

Our Mission

Shield AI’s mission is to advance this nation’s core values by providing the United States and our allies access to leading technologies and innovations.


In pursuit of our mission, we embrace these core values: 
Do what honor dictates. Live as a servant leader. Pursue excellence.

Earn Trust

We live with uncompromising honesty and integrity. We avoid even the appearance of improper behavior. 


We have the courage to address challenges directly and never behind the backs of teammates. We speak up when we disagree. We provide feedback that is clear, direct, and timely. 

Pursue Excellence

We strive to be the best in the world at our respective crafts. We develop self-awareness and relentlessly improve through self-study, practice, the guidance of teammates, and our sheer force of will. 

Delight Our Customers

We develop empathy for our customers and the circumstances they face. We earn customer trust and never take it for granted. 

Put the Team First

We are one team committed to the common mission. We place the success of the team ahead of our individual success. 

Embrace Teammates

We treat our teammates with kindness, respect, and even love. Even in moments where results are subpar or competence is in question, we trust that they operate with good hearts and the best intentions.

Demonstrate Grit

We have the passion and perseverance to meet our goals. We work tirelessly to achieve lofty objectives.


We do not seek to merely win but win so dominantly that competitors fear our capabilities. We demonstrate the courage, confidence, and capacity to pursue and achieve game-changing objectives that others regard as improbable or even impossible. 

Act With Kindness

We treat people with kindness and respect in our words and actions. We know that achievement of extraordinary success need not come at the expense of being a good person.

Be Rigorous & Go Fast

We approach problems with a clear understanding of objectives, context, and detail. We dive deep into issues and roll up our sleeves to ensure the team succeeds. 

Be Enthusiastic

We make work fun because life is short, and we spend most of our lives at work. We are enthusiastic about our successes and our opportunities to solve complex problems.

Be a Good Steward of Resources

Resources are precious, so we find creative and logical ways to do more with less. We recognize that anyone can change the world with unlimited time and resources, and only great teams can do it within practical limits.

Build Resilience

We keep ourselves and our teams at peak performance by carefully managing our mental, physical and spiritual health.