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As we work to achieve our mission, with humility and an appreciation of the magnitude of the undertaking, these values guide us:

Be Trustworthy

Live with uncompromising honesty and integrity. Avoid even the appearance of improper behavior.

Put the Team First

Place the success of the team and your teammates ahead of your own success. No task is beneath you. Coach, mentor, and otherwise foster the learning and growth of teammates. Take a genuine interest in getting to know your teammates as people. Care for them. Offer teammates deep expertise.

Work Hard, Have Grit, Uphold the Highest Standards

Earn your spot on the team every day. Embrace the struggle: the fight, the sweat, and the joy that is the journey toward greatness. Be tenacious; do not give in to defeat. Expect excellence of yourself and your teams. Do not seek to merely win the game, but to play the perfect game. 

Take on Challenging Commitments

Seek and take responsibility for challenges that push you and your teams to the limit - then deliver. Calculate risk and dare to make tough calls. In the event of failure, do not make excuses or assign blame. In the event of success, give credit generously.

Act With Kindness

Treat people with kindness and expect the same of others - without exception. Foster inclusiveness. Develop and demonstrate empathy. Address biases that impact the availability of equal and fair opportunities.

Be Rigorous & Go Fast

Approach problems with rigor. Build from first-principles. See the big picture. Connect dots within and across disciplines and functions. Consider and nail the details. Get things done fast.

Inspire Others

Nurture enthusiasm among all team members. Celebrate successes, even small ones and even when the ultimate outcome is uncertain. Lead by example. Have fun and make work fun. Instill confidence, energy, and pride in all those with and for whom you work. Clearly communicate a vision, a plan, and fine details.

Have Poise

Handle yourself with grace and equanimity. Help to set a steady mood and attitude for yourself and your team. Make and enable decisions based on fact and reason, not emotion. Avoid, and proactively stop, all inappropriate behavior and banter.

Be a Good Steward of Resources

Resources are precious - find creative and logical ways to do more with less. Anyone can change the world with unlimited time and resources - only great people can do it within practical limits.

Care for Yourself

Develop self-awareness and relentlessly improve. Seek and take action upon feedback and input from others. Care for your physical health, mental health, and personal foundations - family, friends, and whatever it is that energizes you.