Q: How often do updates occur?

A: Major software releases will occur every February and August. Other minor releases will be released throughout the year.

Q: How do I update my Nova to the current capabilities?

A: A Shield Representative will update all fleet Nova's once updates come out every February and August while user is located in the US. While deployed, an active duty representative who is trained in updating and downloading data will take over this responsibility.

Q: What are the current capabilities of Nova?

A: Currently, Nova will clear structures a single story at a time while providing the Nova Commander a blueprint view of the structure and live video feed while clearing.

Q: Does Nova have 3D mapping and navigation capabilities currently? When do those capabilities become available?

A: Currently, Nova does not have 3D mapping capabilities but is 3D navigation capable. This means that it does not travel vertically through structures or up stairwells for example. This function will become available February 2019.

Q: What is the max communication range?

A: Nova can travel for approximately four kilometers with robust link capability in clear to moderate weather conditions.

Q: How does Hivemind Nova improve performance?

A: Hivemind has many learning techniques; online, deep, and lifelong; and a knowledge base where data is stored, maintained, and queried via the learning techniques. Learning occurs on the edge (individual robots), in the collective (teams of robots), or through exo-intelligence sources (weather, social media, video feeds).

Q: How do I download data from Nova to send back to Shield?

A: A Shield Representative will download all fleet Nova's as often as the user needs while located in the US. To establish an schedule for your unit, contact us here. While deployed, an active duty representative who is trained in downloading data will take over this responsibility.

Q: How do I coordinate a refresher course?

A: Please contact us here to schedule a refresher course.

Q: Should I wait to order Gen 2 with its updated capabilities?

A: No; Regardless of the generation, the more Nova is utilized, the faster and more efficient it becomes while simultaneously reacting better to threat scenarios. It does this through its in depth learning process from its robust collection of data.

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