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Clear The Fog Of War

Nova’s ability to conduct outdoor and indoor reconnaissance greatly improves warfighter situational awareness within the the last mile of combat.

Your Indoor GRG

​A common operating picture on the battlefield is critical. Tools like your traditional Grid Reference Graphic (GRG) and maps are simple and designed to quickly get everyone on the same page. The Nova smartphone app is no different -- it provides ground forces with full-motion video and a dynamically created map of the building, all in real-time, for simple, easy communication across the squad.

Reduce The Risk To Force

Ground forces make up less than 5% of the force, yet sustain 90% of the casualties. These casualties occur in the last mile of close, urban combat. For the first time, ground forces can have situational awareness on the threat and civilian picture in the last mile. Conduct an outdoor reconnaissance, then move internal, all with Nova.


Nova places AI into the hands of the warfighter, integrating with its user to enable seamless operation with minimal training. The full system, comprised of Nova, a handheld Android phone and portable radio, relies upon artificial intelligence to see in places that are otherwise out of reach.


Nova provides you with the advantage today. The next generation will change the landscape of tomorrow.

Nova 2 leaps ahead of Nova 1 with more than 30x the processing power and a generational leap forward in AI performance. Building upon Nova 1’s unique set of capabilities, the next generation of Nova Class UAS, Nova 2, provides unmatched access to dangerous and denied areas.

No Blindspots

​Four 8 megapixel cameras enable near 360° field of view providing superior situational awareness. Best in class thermal camera. Advanced electronic stabilization achieves gimbal quality stabilization without the weight and fragility associated with traditional gimbals.

Threat Detection

Unknown areas, barricaded shooters, uncleared spaces. Hivemind Edge leverages Nova 2's state-of-the-art sensor suite to enable threat detection and localization on the edge. Threats are shown on maps.

More Compute, More Power, Better Decisions

​Nova 2 crams the computing power of a 5000 lb self-driving car, into a 2.8 lb body. 30 TOPs, 512 GPU cores, 8 CPU cores, and specialized ASICs enable the world's most advanced decision making capabilities in a battlefield robot.

21 Sensors

4 EO/IR Cameras, 1 LWIR, 5 Stereo Depth Sensors,  Redundant IMUs, Barometer, Dual Band GPS, Sonar, and a Compass provide observability in any condition. 8 dedicated ASICs and Co-Processors crunch sensor streams flowing at 30 GBits per second.

Drop In Anywhere

Air deployable from manned/unmanned aircraft to gain ground-level access at stand-off distances greater than 100 nautical miles. Lightning-fast boot up, structural mounting points, power and data attachments, and flight control software enable autonomous transition from free-fall to stabilized flight.

Deliver Payloads To Denied Areas

Denied environment delivery of payloads offers a new range of missions, including indoor and subterranean. Nova 2 supports payload integration with high-speed data interface and power.

Lights Out

​Nova functions in black-out conditions. All EO/IR cameras are complemented with IR flashes that maximize image quality even during high-speed flight, and are strategically placed to avoid backscatter caused by dust and airborne particles. Designed for the warfighter, custom algorithms ensure that an operators view through Night Vision Goggles is unaffected by the IR strobing and pattern effects traditionally associated with today's most advanced autonomous systems.

One, Two, Three, ...

Informed by a decade designing multi-robot teams, Nova 2 hardware and software is designed to enable the first operational deployment of intelligent swarming. This will dramatically improve resilience, speed, and scope of coverage through a planned software update in 2021.

Experience Nova

Seeing is believing. Nova’s superior performance and self-directed flight is best appreciated when watching it operate. Interested in seeing Nova in action? Contact the Shield AI team to schedule a demonstration.