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Nikki is an employee at Shield AI and an Army veteran who completed two deployments to Afghanistan and a tour of duty in South Korea. Since transition from the military, Nikki has worked in the tech industry, primarily focusing on the commercial and defense sectors.
We recently had the opportunity to discuss AI for Maneuver with the Secretary of Defense and its role as one of the cornerstones of the DoD’s JADC2 operating concept
What are the primary challenges of robotic perception? The perception challenges we experience as humans are the same types of challenges that robots face when trying to perceive the world. There are many examples of this.
What does perception refer to in robotic systems? We're referring to a robot’s ability to sense the environment around it, process the information that’s coming in from its sensors, and use it in order to perceive the environment, figure out where it is and how it's op
Among multi-robot systems, what is the role of communication in perception? Communication is a consequential consideration within coordinated perception.
We’ve spoken extensively about intelligence and learning in art
What is the difference between supervised, semi-supervised and unsupervised learning? Within machine learning there are several types of learning methods.
Tell me about user experience (UX) design. What is it and what is the goal?  User experience design can be thought of as the design of everything that is related to a user’s -- or a customer’s -- interaction with a company. It includes interactions with the company’s brand, its services, and its products.
We ask very difficult missions of Nova. For example, we ask it to explore a previously unknown building while detecting potential threats and evading them, respond to our user’s requests immediately, and to provide a live video stream and create a map in real time.   
The Role of Mapping in Autonomy As is evident in the name, the key component of any autonomous robotic system is its basic autonomy; its loop of perception, cognition, and action which enables a robot to determine what it should do, when it should do it, and how.
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