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Tell me about user experience (UX) design. What is it and what is the goal?  User experience design can be thought of as the design of everything that is related to a user’s -- or a customer’s -- interaction with a company. It includes interactions with the company’s brand, its services, and its products.
We ask very difficult missions of Nova. For example, we ask it to explore a previously unknown building while detecting potential threats and evading them, respond to our user’s requests immediately, and to provide a live video stream and create a map in real time.   
The Role of Mapping in Autonomy As is evident in the name, the key component of any autonomous robotic system is its basic autonomy; its loop of perception, cognition, and action which enables a robot to determine what it should do, when it should do it, and how.
What is coordinated exploration? In the context of Shield AI, coordinated exploration corresponds to the deployment of multi-robot systems in order to explore an environment. These multi-robot systems collectively develop a structural model of that environment by moving through and navigating around it.
Why do we design thermal systems? Often, when electronics are used they are not 100% efficient. Inefficiency translates to a non-trivial amount of energy released as heat. Thermal systems are often required to properly manage that heat.   
How does learning appear within the context of coordinated exploration? Within the context of exploration, learning emerges the more the system operates.
Why are circuit boards important?  At the simplest level, circuit boards are the glue that integrates all of the higher-level system features together.   
In terms of multi-robot systems, how do we think about coordination in terms of how robots communicate with each other and learn together? When we talk about multi-robot exploration and teams of robots working together, we're thinking about how those individual robots make decisions and how those decisions impact other systems.
What do we mean by multi-robot exploration?  Exploration for a single robot system in our context considers uncertainty reduction in an unknown environment performed by a single agent. It involves the system making decisions of where it should go in order to acquire information and learn about the environment.   
In reference to robotic systems, what do we mean by exploration?  Typically, when we talk about exploration with an autonomous robotic system for the types of scenarios that we consider, we're talking about deploying that robotic system into environments that are unknown.
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