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As many of you know, scaling teams and enterprises to new heights and disrupting the status quo have always been major goals of mine.   
Shield AI was founded to advance the mission of protecting service members and civilians with artificially intelligent systems - and do so at great scale.   
What is “company culture”? And what makes it “good”? The first step to talking about company culture is to define it.   
Tell us about your journey to Shield AI. I first heard about Shield AI from a previous coworker who reached out to me and said, "Do you know anything about this company? I just joined and it seems like it might be a good fit for you."   
How did you first become interested in engineering?  I’ve always enjoyed building things, creating plans and designing something new. I grew up doing a lot of mechanical work and other hands-on activities, such as woodworking, metalworking, and automotive work.  
When my brother, Brandon, and I founded Shield AI with Andrew in 2015, we set out to create a defining company in the emerging defense technology sector to serve service members and first responders.
“What does good leadership look like?”   
Small, growing companies like start-ups have a reputation for catering to the under-30 set and those just beginning their careers. Shield AI has broken this mold, with teammates of all backgrounds and ages.  
How did you first learn about Shield AI? I first heard about Shield AI from a classmate of mine from UCSD. He had just accepted a position with the company, and he shared with me how excited he was about the opportunity to work on ‘cool robotics’ after graduation.  
The impression is that start-up life and parenting don’t go together. What is the reality you’ve found? Michele:   Startups are undeniably hard work, but so is any other fulfilling career.
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