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Building The World’s Best AI Pilot

Hope wins. Technology deters.

The Greatest Victory Requires No War.

AI pilots will revolutionize battlefields and commercial aviation at a scale greater than the self-driving movement reshaping our highways.

We’re building Hivemind, our AI pilot, to enable swarms of drones and aircraft to operate autonomously without GPS, communications, or a pilot. Our mission is to protect service members and civilians with intelligent systems.


A Top Gun For Every Aircraft

More than just preset behaviors & waypoints. Like a human pilot, Hivemind reads and reacts to the battlefield, and does not require GPS, waypoints, or prior knowledge to make decisions. It is the first and only fully autonomous AI pilot deployed in combat since 2018. From indoor building clearance with quadcopters to integrated air defense breach with fixed-wing drones, and F-16 dogfights, Hivemind™ learns and autonomously executes missions.

Hivemind–powered Platforms

The Full Spectrum Of Aviation

A new generation of aircraft flown by Hivemind to provide persistent aerial dominance across sea, air, and land, on the tactical edge.

From today’s F-16s to Next Generation Air Dominance and beyond, jet aircraft are rapidly evolving by leveraging Hivemind.
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Combat tested and deployed since 2018, V-BAT flies in a class of its own. It’s the most tactical, most logistically simple VTOL aircraft in the world, capable of executing group 2 to group 5 mission sets. It is the UAS of choice for US and allied forces.
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Nova 2
Built for the future fight. Nova 2 has proven its value in close-quarters combat with the most demanding customers in the world – on the most high-profile missions. Hivemind gives Nova 2 full autonomy - no GPS, no comms, no pilot needed.
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Disrupting Defense

China’s military is Netflix; the U.S. military is Blockbuster. China is Amazon; the U.S. is Barnes & Noble. China is Tesla; the U.S. is General Motors. People thought the automotive industry could not be disrupted and that Ford, GM and Toyota had preordained rights to be the leaders for the next thousand years. Automotive executives mocked and balked at the idea an outsider could do what they do. They spent billions on research and development; they allocated billions in resources and thousands of people to their products and capabilities. Yet here we are today, after less than a decade: Tesla is a $1 trillion company; it has dethroned the incumbents…


Noble Mission. Extraordinary People.

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