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8th Birthday Message

To the Shield AI Team:  Happy 8th Birthday Shield AI! This is for our teammates, customer champions, and investors.  When I was trying to figure out what I wanted to pursue after the Navy, I remember Elon Musk saying, “I always wanted to be involved with something that could have a positive effect on the […]

Tesla Shows Us The Risks When Dominant Incumbents Fail To Be Bold

China’s military is Netflix; the U.S. military is Blockbuster. China is Amazon; the U.S. is Barnes & Noble. China is Tesla; the U.S. is General Motors. People thought the automotive industry could not be disrupted and that Ford, GM and Toyota had preordained rights to be the leaders for the next thousand years. Automotive executives […]

AI for Maneuver

We recently had the opportunity to discuss AI for Maneuver with the Secretary of Defense and its role as one of the cornerstones of the DoD’s JADC2 operating concept, along with battle management networks and hypersonics. I wanted to highlight some of the aspects of this discussion from the industry perspective on what AI for […]

Why is it Important to Build Trust as a Leader?

A conversation with Brandon Tseng, Shield AI’s Co-Founder and COO. How do you define trust with respect to leadership? Trust is an earned bond between a leader and his or her team that helps inspire confidence between the two with respect to their ability to succeed in a given endeavor. What does trust make possible? […]

Meet Our Leaders: A Conversation with Brandon Tseng

What is more important, the journey or the outcome? What matters on every journey isn’t necessarily the outcome, it is the path, the learning, and the growth. No matter the outcome, I believe that 2 things make a journey great: The adversity faced along the way. The more daunting the trials, the better, more interesting, […]