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Hivemind: Combat Proven & Flying Today

The First & Only Autonomous AI Pilot Deployed Since 2018

Similar to a human pilot, Hivemind reads and reacts to the battlefield, and does not require GPS, waypoints, or comms to make decisions. Hivemind enables intelligent teams to perform missions ranging from room clearance with Novas, penetrating air defense systems with V-BATs, to dogfighting F-16s.


Intelligent Teaming

Shield AI’s synthetic environments combined with human-machine tactics and behaviors. Testing and learning in real physics simulations reduces engineering cycle times and enables rapid real-world deployment.  Welcome to the defense metaverse. 


Edge Autonomy

The aircraft uses sensors to create a map or world-view, the computer then tells the aircraft or autopilot where to go and what to do to execute its mission. No GPS, no waypoints, and no comms are needed for aircraft to accomplish their missions.


Denied Environment Operations

No GPS. No Comms. No Problem. AI and autonomy for Great Power Competition. Operate in highly contested and GPS-denied environments. Remove the need for human operators, GPS, and RF links.

The G.O.A.T of AI Pilots

Dominant in open competitions against other AI pilots – DARPA ACE, MoSAIC, and Golden Horde. Hivemind has directly faced off against and defeated top industry AI pilots in simulation and on real-world platforms, for indoor clearance, air-to-air combat, and multi-agent air defense breach.

The Undisputed Industry Leader


DARPA AlphaDogfight Winner

Our AI pilot was the decisive winner against experienced human F-16 fighter pilots in a simulated aerial battle during the AlphaDogfight Trials.


Golden Horde

Hivemind is currently the top industry performing AI and Autonomy stack in the Air Force Research Laboratory and Defense Innovation Unit’s competition to determine the best collaborative fixed-wing agents for penetrating integrated air defenses.


MoSAIC Competition​ Winner

Shield AI was awarded the “Most Mission Capable Indoor Drone” in a joint U.S. Department of Defense and Israel Ministry of Defense competition testing indoor clearance for close-quarters combat operations.


Modular and Open

Hivemind applications are portable, modular, and composable, making it faster and more cost effective to develop new autonomous capabilities and behaviors for aerial platforms.

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