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On Reaching New Milestones

When my brother, Brandon, and I founded Shield AI with Andrew in 2015, we set out to create a defining company in the emerging defense technology sector to serve service members and first responders. We wanted to use AI to protect those who go to war and civilians caught in conflict by providing the best visibility and intelligence in places that had long been out of reach: inside buildings and underground. We were inspired by Brandon’s service in the U.S. Navy to create a company committed to making a difference for those he served alongside and for the civilians he met while serving overseas and in conflict. We knew from the outset that our goal — to build artificially intelligent systems to protect service members and civilians — was audacious, but we were driven by our mission and by the belief that Shield AI could make a real difference when it came to ground maneuver and well beyond.

Today, we remain committed to and driven by that mission. We have grown even more inspired by those we serve, the talented Shield AI team we work alongside, and the investors who have joined us on this journey. Shield AI now is home to more than 120 people, arriving each day to contribute their utmost to our shared mission. Together, we have created a mission-proven product which is now in the hands of first responders and the men and women who serve in the U.S. military. We are at work now on its next generation.

We are humbled by the support of our customers and our investors as we push forward each day, driven to make a positive difference for many. This past week, we achieved yet another significant milestone on this path, completing a Series B round of funding. This investment will enable us to continue to grow our world-class team committed to building, advancing, and delivering AI capabilities to the Department of Defense. I am honored to announce Silicon Valley Bank and Riot Ventures as the newest investors in Shield AI. We are excited to welcome them and look forward to all we will achieve together in the future as we seek to achieve our mission, at scale.

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