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Building the world’s best AI pilots to transform your unmanned systems into intelligent teammates. Coming in 2022, Hivemind® will deploy on an F-16 test aircraft and L-39 jet as part of the DARPA ACE Program and in coordination with the U.S. Air Force. 


No GPS. No comms. No problem.

AI for Great Power Competition. Operate in highly contested and GPS-denied environments. Remove the need for human operators, GPS, and RF links.

Future Capabilities

Drop Into Denied Environments

Weeks of orbits to PID in minutes. Launch from hundreds of miles away. Get beneath the clouds with Hivemind-powered Nova sUAS. Sensor emplacement, perch and stare, or go inside. 

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Access. Localize. Report.

Full autonomy enables dynamic “read and react” reconnaissance of areas of interest without persistent reach-back to remote command and control. 

Robust state estimation, mapping, and scene understanding enable precise localization without GPS. Onboard edge processing enables wide spectrum analysis and classification of threats via on-robot libraries. 

Handoff precise 3D coordinates of outdoor, indoor, and subterranean threats across mesh networks for improved situational awareness in denied environments.

Train. Learn. Deploy.

Hivemind uses reinforcement learning in synthetic training environments to enable unmanned systems to learn and train to execute new missions. Once Hivemind is fully trained for the new mission, push a software update to the physical platform - your platform becomes better over time.

Bring your own Platforms

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Hivemind delivers intelligence to enable your platform for the future fight. Interested in porting Hivemind onto your platform? Contact the Shield AI team today to begin the conversation.