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Build Hivemind

Hivemind is an ecosystem of tightly integrated AI software tools and interfaces that provides best-in-class autonomy for robots, seamless interactions for their users and rapid velocity for their developers. Together, these components within this ecosystem strive to deliver intelligent and resilient autonomy capabilities for heterogenous teams of crewed-and-uncrewed aerial systems.

Hivemind Edge

Software for the edge, designed to deliver intelligent autonomy and human-machine-teaming for a diversity of complex mission objectives within diverse data-denied, GPS-denied environments. This group develops the foundations (hardware and platform abstraction layers, middleware) and higher-level AI capabilities (perception, action, cognition) for edge systems.

Hivemind Design

Software for AI-developers and designers, intended to accelerate capability development and testing for autonomous systems using highly customized and optimized local and cloud compute resources. This group develops services for AI capability design, configuration, data management, analysis, testing, and reporting.

Hivemind Commander

Software and hardware to support rich human-in-the-loop and human-on-the-loop interactions with the Hivemind Ecosystem that elevates human operators to mastery, while enhancing AI performance through simulated-and-real-world interactions with people. This group develops interfaces and methodologies for effective mission planning, command and control, training and considerations of human factors across Hivemind.



 Platform teams integrate mature autonomy capabilities on small, medium and large fielded robotic aircraft systems. The Nova UAS family of Group 1 systems offer unparalleled and life-saving autonomous indoor and outdoor exploration capabilities. The V-BAT UAS family of Group 3 systems extend these capabilities to far broader mission sets across land and maritime settings to address defense, logistics and climate challenges.


Systems Engineering, Integration, and Testing

This team defines, integrates and operationalizes state-of-the-art autonomous systems through disciplined verification, validation, and complete reporting of product capabilities. Passing through these gates allows Shield AI to bring mature game-changing AI capabilities to market with confidence.


User Experience and Design

This team shapes all phases of product development, from user research to wireframe design, interactive prototyping, and end-user validation. Through research, design and iteration, the team creates solutions for complex human-machine-teaming that focus on gaining a user’s trust and developing closer Human-AI bonding. Our UX Designers serve as interpreters between customer needs and our engineering capabilities, putting the human at the center of usable, meaningful experiences.

user experience with Nova 2 controller

Where The Magic Happens

In addition to fully remote and hybrid work options, our engineers work in collaborative, cross-functional teams at facilities across the United States.

Dallas, TX

The Batcave

Where the one-of-a-kind V-BAT unmanned aircraft is designed and built. Engineers at The Batcave are not only focused on the production of this game-changing aircraft, but the intelligent software that will power it. In early 2023, we’re moving V-BAT to an upgraded and expanded facility, Batcave 2.0. Swarms of V-BATs will be designed and manufactured in our new Batcave – more than 100K sq. ft. of space – allowing us to ramp V-BAT production to meet global demand.

San Diego, CA

The Hive

Where the Shield AI story began. Located in beautiful San Diego, The Hive is home to Hivemind and Nova 2 engineers, who represent and navigate the intersection of multiple engineering disciplines –AI, Software, Mechanical, Quality, and Test – to solve the most challenging modern warfighting problems.

Washington, DC

The Eagle's Wing

Hivemind’s East Coast hub, this location is nestled in the heart of the greater Washington, D.C. area. Engineers at the Eagle’s Wing are transforming unmanned systems into the most intelligent aircraft on the planet. Fighter jet aircraft represent one of the most critical pieces of deterrence for our military and work at the Eagle’s Wing is focused on making sure this continues for decades to come.

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