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AI Pilot For Next Generation Aircraft

The Future of Fighter Jets

A Top Gun For Every Aircraft

With a 99% win-rate in simulated F-16 dogfights versus active-duty Air Force and Navy fighter pilots, Hivemind is learning to execute a variety of missions from Beyond Visual Range strike to suppression of enemy air defense. The future of air dominance will be powered and flown by Hivemind.

Powered by hivemind

It Starts With The F-16

Hivemind will deploy as a digital co-pilot on a U.S. Air Force F-16, with the goal of rapidly scaling across next-generation aircraft, F-22s, F-18s, and other fighter jets. Hivemind will make legacy fighters relevant for decades to come and will power the next generation of military aircraft.

It Starts With F16

“Whichever nation harnesses AI first will have decisive advantage on the battlefield for many, many years. We have to get there first.”

- Mark Esper, Former Secretary of Defense

The fighter aircraft alone has peaked. Digital Co-Pilots and AI Pilots are the future of fighter jets and next generation unmanned aircraft. That’s why we’re training Hivemind to autonomously execute air dominance missions.  

Powered By Hivemind

Features and Capabilities

Digital Co-Pilot
Hivemind augments combat decision-making for pilots through edge-level AI that interfaces with existing HUDs, flight controllers, sensors, radios, and ATR solutions – giving pilots the ability to read and react at machine speeds and move inside adversary OODA loops.
Novel AI/ML solutions have enhanced legacy hardware and optimized sensors for dynamic targeting. Through SensAI’s machine-learned models of the environment, platform, and sensor performance, the operator is able to make accurate data-driven decisions on the battlefield.
Man-Unmanned Teaming
Software backbone, purpose-built to enable networked and collaborative teaming across manned and unmanned systems through a modular and open systems architecture. Portable and interoperable with legacy and next-generation hardware and software platforms – transforming them for the future fight.

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