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Mission-Ready & Combat-Tested AI

Intelligence on the edge

Hivemind Edge seamlessly integrates and orchestrates numerous memory and compute intensive AI processes for denied-area estimation, mapping, scene understanding, high-level reasoning, and more, within extreme network and computation constraints.


Ready your assets for the ai era

Designed for third party system integration and portability from day one, Hivemind Edge is architected to integrate into any new or pre-existing software stack and delivers intelligence. Hivemind Edge unlocks AI capabilities across diverse hardware platforms through modular design and open APIs.


Modular & Interoperable

Choose the standard, we achieve compliance. Model based system engineering produces a modular and extensive architecture that can be adapted to meet the interface requirements of complex, highly integrated, and evolving systems.

Maneuver With Intelligent Swarms

Hivemind Edge is driving toward future human-machine teaming concepts and capabilities optimized for highly contested environments and near-peer settings.

Resilient Operation

Hivemind Edge is architected for swarming and addresses the major points of brittleness in existing swarm systems - the reliance on pre-programmed GPS routes and dependence on network connectivity. Each Hivemind Edge instance is individually intelligent, thus enabling robust operation in the face of unplanned, dynamic and unexpected challenges, as well as network degradation and denial.


Operationalizing human-machine teaming: Transforming the paradigm of 50 warfighters supporting a UxS to 50 UxS supporting a single warfighter in order to intelligently swarm in denied and contested environments.

Access & Area Coverage

Insertion of autonomous unmanned systems in a denied environment enables uptake of critical information with significantly reduced risk to force. Advancement of Hivemind Edge will enable swarms scaling into the hundreds of unmanned systems to achieve a dramatic increase in both access, resilience, and area coverage.

Ever-learning, Perpetually Evolving

Hivemind Edge is the edge-intelligence that will take tactics learned in simulation and operationalize them in the real world. Engineered and learned skills validated through large-scale simulation and replay within Hivemind Core, are deployed through Hivemind Edge.


Decision dominance

Hivemind Edge will enable deployment of intelligent swarms that provide sustained coverage of large geographies and can reach virtually anywhere by utilizing advanced, edge-level intelligence. As a result, decision makers are provided the most accurate and timely information to increase mission effectiveness while reducing risk to service members and civilians. 


Push Commander’s Intent to the edge

Communication and data networks will be degraded in near-peer operating environments.​ Hivemind Edge will enable unmanned systems to operate on their own or as human-machine teams on tactical networks - handling all levels of service quality from complete loss of communications to full-connectivity across echelons and domains.


Shield AI develops our artificially intelligent Hivemind software to enable application to a variety of platforms. Applying AI to hardware systems unlocks new capabilities, including robotic teaming, swarming and ever-improving performance.

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