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Nova 2

Built For The Future Fight

Nothing else like it. Level 5 self-driving autonomy - no GPS, no comms, no pilot. Built for the future fight, Nova 2 packs cutting-edge AI into the most advanced sUAS ever built.

Skyscrapers to subways

Nova 2 uses state-of-the-art path planning and computer vision algorithms to autonomously navigate complex subterranean and multi-story buildings. No environment is too complex, no mission can’t be learned.

The First 3D Indoor GRG


Hostile, Bldg 55, Floor 76, Room 2

As Nova 2 clears, threats are detected and auto-populated on a map while vibration notifications alert the user. In real time, Nova 2 builds 3D indoor multi-story and outdoor maps providing an unrivaled common operating picture of the battlefield.


Stay Heads Up in the Fight

Command don’t control. Nova 2 highlights door and window entry points, operator selects and Nova 2 does the rest. Draw bounding box perimeters and task Nova 2 with pilot-free clearance. Toggle between thermal and EO/IR. ATAK ready.


Deploy from the ORP and scout ahead

Explore tree lines, over the beach, and urban terrain for threats. Inspect routes for mission viability prior to movement. Deploy from an offset, clear outdoors before moving internal.



Deliver payloads like never before — on towers, inside — no place is out of reach for Nova 2. Top and bottom payload attachment points with connections for high-speed data interface and power enable a variety of mission sets. Remote ejection capability allows for rapid payload leave behind. Work with Shield AI to integrate your payload today.

Future software updates

One, two, three…

No pre-scripted waypoints, search patterns, or maneuver. Nova 2 teams read and react off each other like their human partners. Clear right, clear left, dominate uncleared space. Flow through complex indoor-outdoor terrain including buildings and subterranean structures at machine speed. 
Nova 2 is human-machine teaming in the AI era.

Nova 2 features


Level 5 self-driving technology uses state-of-the-art path planning, mapping, and computer vision. No remote pilot needed. 

GPS Denied Flight

Advanced sensors and compute enable precise navigation and position estimation without GPS. 

Thermal Camera

Flir Boson 640 delivers best in class thermal imaging for superior situational awareness.

Comms Link Denied Flight

Full autonomy eliminates the need for RF or teleoperation links. Operate indoors, subterranean, and within hardened structures. 

Bounding Box Exploration

Designate 3D parameterized areas including buildings, subterranean, and outdoor spaces for autonomous search that can be adjusted in real-time.

Tak compatible

Share video and 3D maps with TAK ecosystem.

Threat detection & Localization

Nova autonomously detects multiple human threats during exploration and marks their locations on 2D and 3D maps.

Software updates

Machine learning applied to scalable simulations enables the development of new TTPs and ensures Nova 2 is always evolving. 

Payload Ready

Top and bottom attachment points with connections for high-speed data interface and power. Work with Shield AI to create custom payloads.

Intelligent swarming

Coming soon.

Aerial deployment

Coming soon.

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