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Securing borders, hunting drugs, finding threats. Shield AI’s V-BAT is the future of tactical UAS today. Nothing else in the world like it, V-BAT is the next-generation UAS. 


Results. Performance. Safety.

In head-to-head customer fly-offs, V-BAT wins. The U.S. and allied militaries are choosing V-BAT because it delivers, period.  

Ducted-fan technology enables industry leading max-takeoff weight to payload weight ratio. We didn’t just break the record, we redefined what’s possible.   

No exposed rotors, no required operator safety zones. So safe you can get hands on during takeoff and landing.  


Ducted Fan Design

The true differentiator between V-BAT and the rest is its patented ducted fan design. V-BAT’s duct increases thrust by 80%+ at equivalent engine power, enabling take-off and landing with a single power plant and achieving unmatched payload mass friction. It can fly for a half day or stop and hover for hours on end. 

Most importantly, thrust vectoring bestows V-BAT with unmatched control authority for rock-solid stability in high winds and challenging weather – whether taking off, landing, flying forward, or in a transition state. 

V-BAT 128

Features and Specs

V-BAT is designed explicitly for runway and equipment-independent launch and recovery in austere environments with no external support. The aircraft can be transported in the bed of a truck and assembled by two personnel in under 20 minutes, making it a true expeditionary system built for dynamic movement and fluid mission sets.

Wing Span: 9.7 ft
Length: 9 ft

125 lbs. (fuel + payload)

Endurance + Payload:
10 hours with 30 lbs.

Landing Zone:
12ft x 12ft

V-BAT 128

Payload/Sensor Integration

V-BAT 128 supports a wide range of interchangeable and customizable payloads and sensors including, but not limited to: EO/MWIR cameras, AIS, and Land/Maritime Wide Area Search (WAS) AI-based capabilities.

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