On Hard Work & Grit

Shield AI was founded to advance the mission of protecting service members and civilians with artificially intelligent systems – and do so at great scale.  To do this, we would […]

On Inspiring Leadership

Leadership styles are as varied as individual leaders themselves; different styles suit different people and different situations. The leadership style that resonates most with me is inspirational leadership.  As the […]

On Reaching New Milestones

When my brother, Brandon, and I founded Shield AI with Andrew in 2015, we set out to create a defining company in the emerging defense technology sector to serve service […]

Seven Questions I Ask in Every Interview

At Shield AI, we are concerned with what our Partner, Brian Losey, calls Big Thinking. We aspire to meet audacious goals in our mission to protect service members, first responders […]

The Role of Trust at Shield AI

A conversation with Ryan Tseng, Shield AI’s Co-Founder and CEO. Tell us a little bit about the formation of Shield AI & the mission. How did trust factor into the […]