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On Welcoming Investors to the Shield AI Family

As CEO of Shield AI, achieving our mission at scale is the goal with which we begin and end each day. And today I’m humbled and honored to share that Jim Breyer of Breyer Capital will be joining the family of Shield AI investors.  Breyer, who ranked first on the Forbes Midas List for three consecutive years, joins Silicon Valley investors including Andreessen Horowitz and Homebrew in supporting the Shield AI mission to protect service members, first responders and innocent civilians with artificially intelligent systems. Breyer, among the most respected investors in Silicon Valley, has served on the boards of Blackstone, Facebook, WalMart, Marvel, NewsCorp, 21st Century Fox and Dell, as well as Harvard University. He has invested in more than 40 consumer internet/technology companies which have completed successful public offerings or mergers, including Facebook and Etsy. Before establishing Breyer Capital in 2006, Jim was a Managing Partner with the venture capital firm Accel. Shield AI was born to create the artificially intelligent solutions of the AI era for service members and first responders. It is the home of Hivemind, an artificial intelligence which enables robots to see, reason about, and search the world. Shield AI’s first product, Nova, is a Hivemind-powered robot that equips its operator to see inside buildings by autonomously exploring a structure’s interior while simultaneously streaming video and generating maps. Shield AI today is building upon Nova’s advancements to bring artificial intelligence to an array of mission sets and environments — from dense cities to crowded skies — where AI will make a critical difference in protecting those who have signed up to protect others. Trust is central to all we do at Shield AI.  We are humbled, inspired and motivated by the trust our customers place in us and work each day to put groundbreaking technology to work on their behalf.  And we are honored that Jim and our trusted investors have placed their confidence in the bright and enduring future of Shield AI.

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