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Summer Internship Program

Our Summer Internship offers rising graduates a unique chance to delve into a vibrant, mission-driven environment. Over a ten-week paid program, you’ll benefit from direct mentorship, contribute meaningfully to the company, and even explore potential career paths.  Engage in company-hosted events, discover a new city, forge lifelong bonds, expand your professional network, and immerse yourself […]

Total Rewards: Taking Care of Our People Beyond Salary

Catherine Khong is Shield AI’s Director of Total Rewards. With over 20 years working at companies including Disney and Thermo Fisher, she brings crucial industry perspective to this role as a subject matter expert in total rewards.  While I feel strongly that working at a company like Shield AI – one that’s building the most […]

On Overcoming Obstacles

At Shield AI, we pride ourselves on taking on challenges and embracing the obstacles that come with them. We speak often about working through these obstacles, either by creatively bypassing them, or innovating in a way that allows us to power through them.  When speaking about obstacles, and overcoming them, the focus is usually on […]

Candidate Tips for Virtual Interviews

Given recent developments, many around the country are working remotely for the moment.  During this time, companies like Shield AI, which are continuing to interview, hire, and on-board talent, have needed to quickly adapt our practices. Our team is working to transition touch-points that have traditionally been done in-person to remain effective when conducted remotely. […]

Tips for Effectively Running Remote Meetings

At Shield AI, we strongly believe that effective communication is a cornerstone of success. This includes running effective and efficient meetings. Since transitioning to remote work, we have found that running remote meetings require a slightly different skillset than traditional in-person meetings, but that when conducted properly, remote meetings can be extremely efficient.  In order […]

Best Practices for Working Remotely

Given recent developments related to COVID-19, the majority of Shield AI’s workforce — like many around the country — is temporarily working remotely. To support our team’s transition to this new work style, we shared a few of the following remote work best practices with our teammates this week.  While this list is not exhaustive, […]

On Effective Communication

Effective communication is a cornerstone of success. Think of any long term success and I bet it involves great communication. That’s true of an AI company, a football team, a band, a professional kitchen, a marriage, a friendship and everything and anything else that requires people to succeed. If you’re not communicating well, you will […]

On Inspiring Leadership

Leadership styles are as varied as individual leaders themselves; different styles suit different people and different situations. The leadership style that resonates most with me is inspirational leadership.  As the name suggests, inspirational leaders inspire those around them to work hard and achieve their potential. They provide their team with the confidence, the energy and […]

Meet Our Leaders: A Conversation with Scott Chaplin

What brought you to Shield AI? I was drawn to Shield AI because of its fast growth and my belief that this is a company that wants to continue to grow and transform. I felt like my background of transforming other companies might be something Shield AI would be interested in. In addition, I found […]