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It’s All Systems Go at Shield AI’s Texas Unified Facility

Historically speaking, the terms “aesthetic” and “production facility” are just about as asynchronous as you can get. Any mention of the manufacturing sector typically evokes gloomy images of billowing smog and the deafening roar of machinery — not exactly conducive to the type of collaborative initiatives necessitated by the evolving demands of the modern market.  

But Shield AI is in the business of creating new, better ways of doing things, which includes optimizing our work environments to produce best-in-class AI and autonomous products in the most efficient and synergistic way possible. The end-result is the brand-new 107K square-foot Batcave that features office, production, engineering and shipping spaces all integrated into a functionally aesthetic structure packed with cutting-edge technology, dynamic workspaces and the world’s best team of AI professionals.  

The Batcave is a testament to the unmatched capabilities of the V-BAT, which has rapidly taken the medium-segment UAS market by storm. The new space is equipped with the latest testing and manufacturing equipment, allowing the production team to continually refine and improve our products to delight our customers and drive innovation in the UAS sector. This streamlined workflow will be pivotal as Shield AI integrates swarming capabilities onto the V-BAT, powered by our Hivemind AI technology, and ramps up production to meet the growing demand for autonomous collaborative combat aircraft (CCAs).  

Co-locating our design, engineering and executive personnel was an intentional move that will facilitate collaboration and foster innovation, enabling Shield AI to tackle unique challenges and formulate novel solutions in real time. With seating for 270+ personnel, ample collaborative conference rooms and dedicated learning spaces, the Batcave is a one-stop shop for building the next generation of AI technology. 

Growing and Scaling

It is certainly a far cry from the early stages of our evolution as a company. Shield AI’s Vice President of Production and Supply Chain, Manas Menon, has been with the company since 2017. As employee number 13, he has had a front-row seat to the company’s growth.  

“In the early days, there were 15 of us in a room trying to build five quadcopters. Now we’re producing Group 3 aircraft, which are being employed all over the world for their remarkable capabilities, and we’re making hundreds of them each year,” he explained. “We have gone from a place where it was difficult to scale to a place where we have production processes, trained personnel, and all associated elements to be able to double production capacity from one year to the next.” 

This is not just something we are talking about theoretically: since this time last year, V-BAT production has doubled, and Manas’ Production and Supply Chain Team has more than doubled. “It feels like every year has been more exciting than the one before, and considering this is the year we will demonstrate V-BAT teams through the integration of Hivemind on V-BAT, I wager this will be one for the books.” 


AS9100 Certification

We’re also proud to announce that Shield AI has recently received its AS9100 certification, a highly respected quality management system standard in the aerospace industry. This certification, set by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG), recognizes Shield AI’s longstanding and ongoing commitment to quality assurance across our business operations. 

As part of the certification process, company processes and policies across all aspects of our business, including engineering, supply chain management, manufacturing, and customer service, were subject to scrutiny and review. This was accomplished through interviews with our personnel, reviews of company documentation, and tours of the Batcave. 

“We achieved the AS9100 certification more speedily than the industry standard because everyone, from the top down, really stepped up and did their part. It was a great way for us to pressure test our standard operating procedures (SOPs). While we verified that we had great ones, it also presented us with opportunities to sharpen them where needed,” Manas explained. “AS9100 is milestone that enabled us to do all this, but also prove that we’re doing things right. “ 

In addition to audits and assessments to demonstrate compliance with the AS9100 standards, we also had to implement a comprehensive quality management system that ensures the highest level of quality and reliability in our products and services. With our AS9100 certification, our customers can have confidence that we’re committed to delivering the highest level of quality and reliability in everything we do.  

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