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On Welcoming Investors to the Shield AI Family

As CEO of Shield AI, achieving our mission at scale is the goal with which we begin and end each day. And today I’m humbled and honored to share that Jim Breyer of Breyer Capital will be joining the family of Shield AI investors.  Breyer, who ranked first on the Forbes Midas List for three […]

The Role of Trust in Simulation

A conversation with Ali Momeni, Senior Principal Scientist and Director of User Services & Experience at Shield AI. This is a continuation of our conversation On Human Computer Interaction. How does trust factor into what you do with simulation? Trust is what we’re trying to create — the ability for a person to trust that […]

The Role of Trust at Shield AI

A conversation with Ryan Tseng, Shield AI’s Co-Founder and CEO. Tell us a little bit about the formation of Shield AI & the mission. How did trust factor into the underlying idea of creating the company? Trust was a huge component of what inspired Brandon to want to start Shield AI. His experiences in the […]

Why Shield AI: A Focus on Teamwork

“Be diligent in everything you do” and “Strive for a life of impact” — These two statements have been instrumental in framing my life’s goals. With this framework as a lens, my journey has led me to be a part of many impactful teams, including, today, at Shield AI. Serving a higher purpose has always […]

Why Shield AI: Meaningful Work with Significant Application

Last summer, between my first and second year of business school, I did a 10-week internship at Shield AI. The internship was challenging. I worked 12 to 16 hours every day (sometimes on weekends) and earned less than my MBA peers who spent their summer in large corporate environments. I had significant responsibility, however, and […]

Why Shield AI: The Intersection Between Gaming and AI

A conversation with Alex Rozgo, a Dynamical Systems Engineer at Shield AI You have devoted more than two decades to developing games on the cutting edge of technology.  What attracted you about the hard problems which Shield AI is tackling? There are many hard problems, but it is not often you get the opportunity to […]

Why Shield AI: Designing for Solutions

A conversation with Mark White, an Electrical Engineer at Shield AI Why is Shield AI the best place for an electrical engineer to be? One of the big career risks engineers face is to slowly be siloed into a specific role. I’ve seen this happen to many of my peers and have personally fought to […]

Why Shield AI: The Complexities of Human-Machine Interaction

A conversation with Ali Momeni, Senior Principal Scientist and Director of User Services & Experience at Shield AI Prior to Shield AI your work was in creative arts. What project are you most proud of? What was it and why? “Tragedy of the Commons” by Ali Momeni and Robin Meier, Photo by Aurélie Cenno I […]

Meet Our Leaders: A Conversation with Andrew Reiter

You started your education in chemical engineering. Why did you ultimately pursue a career in AI & robotics? I had been interested in robotics from a young age, but as I went into college I had a strong interest in chemistry and engineering so I chose to study chemical engineering. As a junior in college, […]

Meet Our Leaders: A Conversation with Brandon Tseng

What is more important, the journey or the outcome? What matters on every journey isn’t necessarily the outcome, it is the path, the learning, and the growth. No matter the outcome, I believe that 2 things make a journey great: The adversity faced along the way. The more daunting the trials, the better, more interesting, […]