Why Shield AI: Designing for Solutions

A conversation with Mark White, an Electrical Engineer at Shield AI Why is Shield AI the best place for an electrical engineer to be? One of the big career risks […]

Meet Our Leaders: A Conversation with Nathan Michael

How did research concerning multi-agent and multi-robot collaboration become one of the central thrusts of your academic career? I began working with multi-robot collaboration and coordination through my Ph.D. effort. […]

Why Shield AI: Values that Motivate

When I first interviewed at Shield AI, I sensed an energy rooted in a passion for the mission from everyone I met. To this day, I feel that same excitement […]

Why Shield AI: Passionate Teammates

In the small hours of  a recent Monday morning, I found myself up at 13000 ft, trudging through a snow chute on the way to Mt. Whitney with two colleagues […]